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By farmathand

Big data has been a hot topic in Agriculture, so is data ownership and privacy. With the plethora of farm apps out there, it’s reasonable that we want to know how our data is being used. (PS: if you want to know more about how we manage your farm data, read this post.)

Ironically though, we are a lot more relaxed when it comes to sharing our login information. How many times have you shared your account id and password with other people so they can update records or information on your behalf?

Yes, keeping farming records can be time-consuming…but it does not have to be. Farm At Hand can help you keep better farming records such as planting, spraying, equipment maintenance, and more. (If you haven’t already, sign up now – it’s free!)

Sharing account id and password with other people may save you some time, but it is not the best approach to ensure the security of your personal information and the integrity of your data. Here’s why:

Redundancy and data overlap – If multiple people log in and update farm records at the same time, there’s a chance one of the updates will be overwritten and the data might not be saved properly. You could be in the middle of harvest before you realize the discrepancies in your spraying records. Yikes!

Information security – Handing off your email/user id and password means giving someone access to your entire operations data. This means he or she now have access to your contracts, cost, inventories and more. Even worse, what if someone accidentally deleted a contract or delivery?

Privacy issues – Think about this for a second: do you use the same email and/or password combination for multiple accounts other than the farm app you’re using? Well…chances are the person you share this information with can now access your other accounts. Uh oh…!

If you are concerned about security and privacy, you should reconsider sharing your login information with others. There is a better way to collaborate!

We know farming is not a one-person job. You have family members, employees, contractors, consultants and many others working hard to ensure your farm operations run smoothly. Your farm app needs to provide you with a solution for record keeping and real-time collaboration.

The Farm At Hand multi-user feature allows you to add up to five additional users on your farm account. Each user can have different access levels and you control what information you want to share. For example, you can add your brother as a family member and give him access to everything – Fields, Equipment, Storage, Contracts, Deliveries and Calendar. Alternatively, add your bookkeeper to your account and limit her access to only Contracts and Deliveries.

Ready to add a new user to your account? Follow these steps or watch the video below.

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