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By farmathand

At Farm At Hand, farmers are first. Every decision we make at Farm At Hand needs to benefit farmers, solve problems for the farm and make the job of farming easier, more efficient and productive as well as provide the best possible experience. This is the reason we have developed a free, end-to-end farm management platform for crop farms regardless of the size, type or cash-flow. Farm At Hand gives you and and your team to ability to better manage your farming operations without compromising your data or your privacy. Read more about our data policy.

While you were busy growing and harvesting, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work on improving and adding new features to make Farm At Hand even better. Download latest version of our farm app – iPhone, iPad and Android.

We heard from a number of you about ways to make our farm software better. Thank you! In this release, we have incorporated several of your requested features.

We have and will continue to release updates to ensure you have the best farm management tool, so keep an eye out for latest updates on your smartphone (iPhone, Android) or tablet (iPad) and/or you have logged into the website on your computer recently.

New Set Of Features For Your Farm Management Platform


Manage your farm like a boss. You needed to know the status of your farm in a glance, so we built a Dashboard for you. Take a look at the summary of your operations at under Dashboard.
Farm At Hand Dashboard


The calendar isn’t just something hanging on the wall. You wanted the ability to schedule field activities, equipment maintenance, deliveries and more. We heard you. Quickly add and review your farm’s tasks from our new Calendar feature.
Farm At Hand Calendar Feature

Conversion Calculator

You ask, and you shall receive! The conversion calculator is back: Bu to mt, acres to ha, ounce to litres and more – we got you covered. Check out our new conversion calculator.
Coversion Calculator Feature Farm At Hand

New Website Design

Sometimes, looks matter. So, our brand and website got a facelift. A lot of planning and strategizing went into the new design, so we thought we’d share how the current design came to be and why we made the changes we did.
Farm At Hand website

Our first goal to better support our goals of providing you relevant and timely content and information on how you can become more efficient and productive in the field. So please check in often with the blog to get the latest happenings with the tool, our team and the agtech and ag software industry. Our second goal was to improve the usability and experience of our website. Our UI designer Max will share his thoughts and process in the near term so check back with us soon.

Happy Farming!

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