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By farmathand

At Farm At Hand, we always want to make things easier for farmers. We work hard to bring you features that will help you this growing season. With that in mind, we want to introduce you to the newest features: mapping!

We have helped you to manage your farm records, now we want to help you visualize your operations. Your time is precious. Make sure your hired men know exactly where they are supposed to go and which field needs to be sprayed.

No more hand-drawn maps, phone calls or a vague description like 2 miles east of that tree bluff. Ditch the notebooks that live separately from your farm data. Visualize your field locations and keep track of all field activities – all in one place.

Remember, you can always add your family members or hired men to your account and we are here to help you with crop insurance time. If you haven’t already, download your fields, planting, spraying and application reports directly from your account.

Comments or questions? Always happy to hear from you. Tweet us @FarmAtHand or send an email to [email protected]

Happy Farming!

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