Make farm management easier

Track your farm information

  • Track your fields and farm activities
  • Manage your storage, equipment and maintenance
  • Access grain marketing insights and control your sales and delivery contracts
Field Management

Keep track of everything that’s happening on your fields with information at your fingertips.

  • Pre-plan the season’s field activities to save you time when you’re at your busiest
  • Easily print or share field reports
  • Connect your MyJohnDeere account to download your combine information into your field activities so you don’t have to enter information twice
Inventory Management

Know exactly what you have on hand, wherever you are.

  • Update your storage amounts so you have the most accurate inventory numbers on hand
  • Keep track of all bin activity so your storage information and history are at your fingertips whenever you need it
  • Know which field your grain came from, where it’s been and where it’s going with Haul-Ins and Haul-Outs, so you can better keep track of its movement on your farm
Equipment Management

Keep track of your equipment details in one easy to use place.

  • Have the information at hand when shopping for parts so you can stop hunting down part numbers when you need them most
  • Stay on top of your equipment needs by knowing what’s been worked on
  • Keep maintenance reports easily organized for your team to see
Photo Storage

Improve your record-keeping by saving images to your activities

  • Upload pictures of your farm information for faster and easier record keeping
  • Store pictures of field pests to show your agronomist
  • Access pictures of your grading sheets for each bin on the go
  • Snap a quick picture of your contracts and delivery tickets keeping your information in one place

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What Farmers Are Saying...

Love this app more every day. Information at my fingertips. No more fumbling for records. #onthecloud

Micheal Wipf

Viking, Alberta

I use Farm At Hand to keep track of different varieties and chemicals, and it really helped when doing crop insurance. Its an excellent tool to have on the farm.

Laramie Eyben

Vermilion, Alberta

Farm At hand helps me keep track of everything that goes on in a day. With several hired men, it’s beneficial to have a centralized place where all information is stored and easily accessed.

Ginelle Pidwerbesky

Borden, Saskatchewan

Farm At Hand has helped me to organize and keep track of all fields and field activities. This is handy especially when you farm with other people.

Scott Perkin

Elgin, Manitoba

Farm At Hand has helped me to organize and and keep track of the vast lineup of equipment we now have.

Lance Walker

Borden, Saskatchewan