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How To Optimize FAH Use For Planting

You’re in the midst of planting season – you have papers all over your office, you can’t remember what your hired help has completed, and things are getting STRESSFUL. Sound familiar? Let’s change that. Enter… Read More

New iOS release is available (and inventory auto-update enabled)

Good news! You can now auto-adjust your inventory level from your iOS app. All you have to do is attach a bin or a grain bag to your Delivery ticket and voila! Remember that you will… Read More

Introducing: Delivery and Storage Integration

You ask, we deliver! Farmers are always at the centre of our operations at Farm At Hand. This is why when you asked for a feature, we take it seriously. Many of you asked for an… Read More

Free Isn’t Just for Farmers Anymore

Sign up for early access Farmers, have you ever been out in the field, at the auction, or even finally taking that weekend at the lake, and your advisor (agronomist, agrologist, etc) needs to know… Read More

Easy Access To Your Planting And Commodity Status

Today we changed things up a little! We put your Farm At Hand dashboard to work for you. There is certain information that you need at a glance; now we put that front and center on… Read More

Visualize Your Farm!

At Farm At Hand, we always want to make things easier for farmers. We work hard to bring you features that will help you this growing season. With that in mind, we want to introduce you… Read More

Top Apps For Farmers On The Go

Never accuse us farmers of being afraid to use new technology. We all want to avoid sitting at a desktop whenever we can and the plethora of apps and other tools out there really help… Read More

Farm Data – One Large Step For Grain Marketers, One Giant Leap For Farmkind

This one of a series of blogs where we explore how Farm At Hand is helping those enterprises farmers are increasingly relying and depending on to become more efficient and productive. Last week: Agronomists, next… Read More

Farm Data For Agronomists

This one of a series of blogs where we explore how Farm At Hand is helping those enterprises farmers are increasingly relying and depending on to become more efficient and productive. Next up: Grain Market Consultants. Read More

Stay Powered Up In The Fields!

Growing season is here and soon you’ll be out in the fields for hours on end. We are with you every step of the way and we want to keep you powered up! Share a screenshot… Read More

Why You Should Never Share Your Login Information

Big data has been a hot topic in Agriculture, so is data ownership and privacy. With the plethora of farm apps out there, it’s reasonable that we want to know how our data is being used. Read More

Top 5 Tips and Tricks for #Spray15

This is a guest post by Tom Wolf of Agrimetrix Research and Training. Spray15 is here, but are you ready? Here are the top 5 tips and tricks to give you a productivity… Read More

10 Myths About Free Farm Apps Debunked

We’ve have received many questions around what a “free” farm management app exactly means. The app is free because we feel farmers should have access to the best technologies and data to improve their farm operations,… Read More

Managing Your Planting, Spraying And Scouting Records Just Got Easier

Plant 2022 is just around the corner and everyone is gearing up to get going. Those pesky field records are typically an afterthought until reporting time when you are scrambling to meet the deadline. We’re here… Read More

Managing Your Fleet Just Got Easier with Farm At Hand

We all know keeping equipment ready and able is a lot of work! It requires accurate record keeping, advance planning, as well as scheduling of tune-ups and routine maintenance. There’s good news! The Farm At… Read More

How To Add A New Commodity to Your Farm At Hand Account

Farm At Hand was originally built as an in-house solution for our co-founder’s family farm in Saskatchewan, Canada that grows grains and cash crops. Today, the farm management app you have in your smartphone is an… Read More

A Farm App That Supports Multi-User Collaboration

Any farm manager knows keeping farming records accurately can be time-consuming. Our co-founder Kim Keller was faced with this exact problem when she had to keep track of all the farm records on the family… Read More

Farm At Hand Is Hittin’ The Road

We’ll be back in the Prairies this month! Winter time, as you know, is tradeshow time and this January we will be at these shows alongside all of you. Drop by, say hi – we’ll have… Read More

Your Data is Your Data At Farm At Hand

Big Data has been around for 70 years. Hard to believe given all the white hot buzz around it in the tech and agtech industries. Big data allows us to see patterns and trends that… Read More

We’re Combining What You’re Swathing – New Features and Website!

At Farm At Hand, farmers are first. Every decision we make at Farm At Hand needs to benefit farmers, solve problems for the farm and make the job of farming easier, more efficient and productive as… Read More

Find us at Agri-Trade 2014!

Farm At Hand is headed to Red Deer, Alberta for the Agri-Trade Equipment Expo on November 5-8, 2014. If you’re looking for your next equipment purchase, this is not an event you want to miss!… Read More

iOS update: version 2.1.1 is now available on App Store

We have released a new version of the Farm At Hand iOS app. The team is hard at work continuing to improve Farm At Hand. With this update we addressed some of the bugs you… Read More

iOS update: version 2.1.0 is now available on App Store

We have released a new version of the Farm At Hand iOS app. This update includes the following fixes: Activities Fixed various crashes when updating Activities Fixed various bugs in planting, application and spraying category… Read More