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Go digital

Digital record-keeping supports stronger farm teams We’ve evolved from the days of working in our heads or writing things down. Data-driven farming technologies are creating opportunities in an evolving landscape… Read More

Insight is better than 20-20!

Farm management software takes collaboration between your on-farm team and trusted advisors to the next level They say two heads are better than one. For today’s progressive farmer, this sentiment couldn’t be more true. Read More

Yield vs. Profit

Why maximizing one doesn’t necessarily maximize the other When you invest back into your farm, you want to feel confident that investment is going to reap rewards. That’s why it’s important to understand your… Read More

Revenue tracking on the farm: analyzing profit

Analyzing Your profit through farm management software Today, farmers wear more hats as productivity targets for every acre continue to grow. But how do you determine whether the costs to achieve more yield are… Read More

Farming Smarter, Not Harder: Planning for Profit

Understanding cashflow and profitability when using farm management software The cost of farming has doubled over the past decade. The days of sifting through multiple files and places in search of field data, crop… Read More


With harvest now complete, many of you are looking ahead and considering your crop plan for the 2022 season and how you’ll make adjustments based on last year’s plan (or years’ past) in order… Read More

Looking Ahead: Your 2022 Crop Plan

Yield Growth & Profitability Through Farm Management Software In a digital world, the key to better farm management today (and preparation for tomorrow) is found through technology. Growers that track their… Read More

From Storage to Sale: How Grain Inventory Management Optimizes Your Bottom Line

Regardless of industry, inventory management plays a critical role in your business’ success. Inventory management is the systems or methods used to monitor how goods move through the supply chain, meet customer demand, and… Read More

FAH Partners With Univar to Launch Platform For Agronomists

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday September 19th, 2017 FARM AT HAND PARTNERS WITH UNIVAR TO LAUNCH PLATFORM FOR AGRONOMISTS WINNIPEG, MANITOBA – Farm At Hand announced today that it is launching – Farm At Hand Agronomy… Read More

#HereForFarmers 2017 Is Here!

Our #HereForFarmers campaign is officially starting tomorrow (just in time for mental health awareness week) and we couldn’t be more excited to share the designs with you! Our staff all voted on what they thought you… Read More

With Dryness Alleviated, Attention Turns to Quality

The early part of this growing season on the Prairies carried a lot of concern about dryness through a large portion of Saskatchewan, Alberta and parts of Manitoba. However, widespread rain over the past… Read More

New iOS release is available (and inventory auto-update enabled)

Good news! You can now auto-adjust your inventory level from your iOS app. All you have to do is attach a bin or a grain bag to your Delivery ticket and voila! Remember that you will… Read More

Introducing: Delivery and Storage Integration

You ask, we deliver! Farmers are always at the centre of our operations at Farm At Hand. This is why when you asked for a feature, we take it seriously. Many of you asked for an… Read More

Farm at Hand and Farmlink Hire New General Manager of Technology

WINNIPEG, March 17, 2016 – Farm At Hand announced this week that co-founders Kim Keller and Himanshu Singh will be leaving the company effective March 31st. As the next step in the growth of the Farm… Read More

Welcoming Kevin North, CEO Of Terapeak, To Our Advisory Board

We are welcoming Kevin North, CEO of Terapeak as an advisor to Farm At Hand; he will help guide the company through fundraising, global expansion and monetization. Farm At Hand currently serves more than… Read More

#HereForFarmers Campaign Raised Almost $7,000 Donation For Farm Stress Line

We launched the #HereForFarmers campaign on February 19 to raise funds and awareness for farmers’ mental health. It was an amazing surprise to see the reaction and support from our communities (that’s you!) who contributed… Read More

Women In Ag Fireside Chat: Why Agriculture Is A Dream Worth Casting

Chris Mannes once said that agriculture is a dream worth casting. In this last installment of #WomenInAg podcast, listen to a robust discussion from women in ag about the opportunities in this amazing industry. If… Read More

Field, Planting Or Spraying Report At The Touch Of A Button

No more last minute scrambling to put together field report, planting report or spraying report. We know how valuable your time is, especially during the growing season. No one wants to sit down and compile… Read More

#HereForFarmers Campaign Extended!

We could not have been more grateful for all your support and have decided to extend the #HereForFarmers campaign a little longer to raise more funds for farmers’ mental health. We also would like to… Read More

Women In Ag Fireside Chat Pt.2 – Agvocacy

Agvocacy is a very broad topic. In this second installment of #WomenInAg podcast, listen to a robust discussion from women in ag about their experience being agvocates. (ICYMI: here’s the first podcast.) Kim… Read More

Women In Ag Fireside Chat

Recently, Farm At Hand’s own Kim Keller sat down with three wonderful women who either work or actively involved in the world of Agriculture. In this podcast episode, we are lucky to have insights and stories… Read More


Chris Soules is not the only Iowa native garnering attention from agriculture communities. Yesterday, Scott Siepker (also known as Iowa Nice Guy on YouTube) posted a video that gives consumers a primer on what… Read More

A Farm App That Supports Multi-User Collaboration

Any farm manager knows keeping farming records accurately can be time-consuming. Our co-founder Kim Keller was faced with this exact problem when she had to keep track of all the farm records on the family… Read More

Getting Under The Hood With Max About The New Farm At Hand Look

Hey, my name’s Max Lin – I am the UI/UX designer here at Farm At Hand. I’ve been learning a ton about the awesome industry that is Agriculture over the past 6 months. Growing up in… Read More

Congrats to #IAmFarmer contest winners!

Last month we launched an online photo and video contest, #IAmFarmer. So much has changed in Agriculture but the public perception of what we do is still stuck in the past. We started #IAmFarmer campaign… Read More

Find us at Agri-Trade 2014!

Farm At Hand is headed to Red Deer, Alberta for the Agri-Trade Equipment Expo on November 5-8, 2014. If you’re looking for your next equipment purchase, this is not an event you want to miss!… Read More

iOS update: version 2.1.1 is now available on App Store

We have released a new version of the Farm At Hand iOS app. The team is hard at work continuing to improve Farm At Hand. With this update we addressed some of the bugs you… Read More

iOS update: version 2.1.0 is now available on App Store

We have released a new version of the Farm At Hand iOS app. This update includes the following fixes: Activities Fixed various crashes when updating Activities Fixed various bugs in planting, application and spraying category… Read More