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Meet The Farmily: Alexa Solomon

(Alexa on the left – VERY excited about corn!) What’s your name? My name is Alexa Solomon I’ve been a marketer/community builder since… I have been working in marketing/communications/community building since 2010… Read More

#MeetTheFarmily: Kevin Doole

What’s your name? Kevin Doole I’ve been a developer since… I’ve been developing software since 2008. How did you become a developer? I was the designer at the University of Manitoba students’ newspaper, the Manitoban. Read More

Meet The Farmily: Dan Bernardic

What’s your name? My Name is Dan Bernardić. I’ve been a Web developer since… 2007 How did you become a Web developer? I completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Computer Science from the… Read More

Meet The Farmily: Caroline Roue

The Farmily series is back and our team has grown! We would like to introduce you to the new members of Farm At Hand! The team comes from different backgrounds: farming, technology, design, filmmaking and more. Read More

Meet Your Farmily: Greg Tandiono

Every Friday, we feature stories from a farmer in our community. It’s only fair that we also share our stories – where we come from, why we started/joined Farm At Hand, what we strife… Read More

Meet The Farmily: Anastasia Hambali

Over the last few weeks you have read and heard stories from your fellow farmers in North America (#MeetYourFarmer series). Now, I think it’s time to meet the people behind the scenes who keep Farm… Read More