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Talking About Mental Health in “Farm” Language

Hi! My name is Amanda, and I have the unique situation of being a practicing mental health professional and a born and raised farm girl. I was in three, yes, THREE different 4-H clubs growing… Read More

#HereForFarmers 2017 Is Here!

Our #HereForFarmers campaign is officially starting tomorrow (just in time for mental health awareness week) and we couldn’t be more excited to share the designs with you! Our staff all voted on what they thought you… Read More

#HereForFarmers Campaign Raised Almost $7,000 Donation For Farm Stress Line

We launched the #HereForFarmers campaign on February 19 to raise funds and awareness for farmers’ mental health. It was an amazing surprise to see the reaction and support from our communities (that’s you!) who contributed… Read More

Coping With Farm Stress

This is a guest post from Gina Kempton-Doane. Gina is a Registered Psychologist in Saskatchewan with an academic and practical background in Agriculture. Plant15 is about to get underway and with that the stress of the… Read More

#HereForFarmers Campaigned Reached Target Goal

Today we exceeded our #HereForFarmers Indiegogo campaign target goal, and we could not be more grateful for your support and generosity. It means a lot to us that our communities, both in agriculture and in… Read More

Standing Up To Support Farmers Mental Health

Since writing my last post about the stress and mental health issues faced by farmers, the whole topic has been weighing heavily on me. I feel like I took a step in the right direction,… Read More

Farming, Stress and Starting the Conversation

A couple of weeks ago, Kim Keller, Farm At Hand co-founder and third generation farmer from Saskatchewan, penned a blog post on stress, the Farm Life and why she chooses this path. Her blog post has… Read More