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Know what you have to sell

Smart farm inventory management – and knowing exactly what you have to sell From seed and product selection to strategic marketing, the days of harvest are central to everything, and that includes your… Read More

What’s in the bin?

Be harvest ready Use farm management software to create the ultimate harvest prep checklist Even in that moment of relative quiet prior to harvest, the busy… Read More

Optimize Your Operation Beyond Yields

Prep strategically for harvest and maximize your pre-harvest window As a farmer, you oversee several things at once so it can be tough to decide which hat to wear and when. At any given… Read More

On the same page

Digital collaboration between on and off-farm partners for a unified vision Farming today has little room for error. More than ever, a “jack of all trades” leadership approach always doesn’t cut it when it… Read More

Go digital

Digital record-keeping supports stronger farm teams We’ve evolved from the days of working in our heads or writing things down. Data-driven farming technologies are creating opportunities in an evolving landscape… Read More

Insight is better than 20-20!

Farm management software takes collaboration between your on-farm team and trusted advisors to the next level They say two heads are better than one. For today’s progressive farmer, this sentiment couldn’t be more true. Read More

Yield vs. Profit

Why maximizing one doesn’t necessarily maximize the other When you invest back into your farm, you want to feel confident that investment is going to reap rewards. That’s why it’s important to understand your… Read More

Revenue tracking on the farm: analyzing profit

Analyzing Your profit through farm management software Today, farmers wear more hats as productivity targets for every acre continue to grow. But how do you determine whether the costs to achieve more yield are… Read More

Farming Smarter, Not Harder: Planning for Profit

Understanding cashflow and profitability when using farm management software The cost of farming has doubled over the past decade. The days of sifting through multiple files and places in search of field data, crop… Read More


With harvest now complete, many of you are looking ahead and considering your crop plan for the 2022 season and how you’ll make adjustments based on last year’s plan (or years’ past) in order… Read More

Looking Ahead: Your 2022 Crop Plan

Yield Growth & Profitability Through Farm Management Software In a digital world, the key to better farm management today (and preparation for tomorrow) is found through technology. Growers that track their… Read More

Meet Our Farmer – Abby Majerus

Abby Majerus lives on and ranches the land where she grew up, just outside the small city of Roundup, near the heart of Montana. The Majerus Ranch, established in 1951, grows hard red… Read More

From Storage to Sale: How Grain Inventory Management Optimizes Your Bottom Line

Regardless of industry, inventory management plays a critical role in your business’ success. Inventory management is the systems or methods used to monitor how goods move through the supply chain, meet customer demand, and… Read More

How Farmers Are Using Farm Management Software To Support Their Operations

Between planning, equipment, storage, commodity prices, staffing, weather (and more!), farmers are responsible for managing assets, risk and an incredible amount of information that has a direct impact on the success of their operation. … Read More