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Go digital

Digital record-keeping supports stronger farm teams We’ve evolved from the days of working in our heads or writing things down. Data-driven farming technologies are creating opportunities in an evolving landscape… Read More

Insight is better than 20-20!

Farm management software takes collaboration between your on-farm team and trusted advisors to the next level They say two heads are better than one. For today’s progressive farmer, this sentiment couldn’t be more true. Read More

Yield vs. Profit

Why maximizing one doesn’t necessarily maximize the other When you invest back into your farm, you want to feel confident that investment is going to reap rewards. That’s why it’s important to understand your… Read More

Revenue tracking on the farm: analyzing profit

Analyzing Your profit through farm management software Today, farmers wear more hats as productivity targets for every acre continue to grow. But how do you determine whether the costs to achieve more yield are… Read More

Farming Smarter, Not Harder: Planning for Profit

Understanding cashflow and profitability when using farm management software The cost of farming has doubled over the past decade. The days of sifting through multiple files and places in search of field data, crop… Read More


With harvest now complete, many of you are looking ahead and considering your crop plan for the 2022 season and how you’ll make adjustments based on last year’s plan (or years’ past) in order… Read More

Looking Ahead: Your 2022 Crop Plan

Yield Growth & Profitability Through Farm Management Software In a digital world, the key to better farm management today (and preparation for tomorrow) is found through technology. Growers that track their… Read More

From Storage to Sale: How Grain Inventory Management Optimizes Your Bottom Line

Regardless of industry, inventory management plays a critical role in your business’ success. Inventory management is the systems or methods used to monitor how goods move through the supply chain, meet customer demand, and… Read More

Quick Wins for Farm At Hand Premium Users

This 2021 season, let’s put your farm information to work and take full advantage of your Farm At Hand Premium account. Here are a few “quick wins” to make farm management easier. … Read More

Get Set Up for the Season 👨🏼‍🌾

Gearing up for the seeding season is easier with Farm At Hand. Stay closely connected to your fields, storage, and deliveries. To help, we’ve added new features to help!  Field Management is… Read More

Announcing TELUS Agriculture

Announcing TELUS Agriculture You’ve been busy managing your operation, and so have we! As you know, Farm At Hand joined the TELUS family in July 2019. Today, we are excited to announce the… Read More

New Feature Alert: In-App Photo Storage

New Feature Alert: In-App Photo Storage What’s a happy farmer’s favourite candy? A Jolly Rancher. We take our grower feedback very seriously, no joke. We’ve been asked things like, “How can I save… Read More

Farm At Hand Pricing Plans 2019

To our loyal Farm At Hand family, Over the past 8 years, we have offered a free version of our platform to help farmers make managing their day-to-day operations easier. In order for us to continue… Read More

Crop List Management Tools

Introducing new crop list management tools! Reduce clutter in your commodity lists and tweak your account to suit your farm’s needs. You can now select the crops you wish to appear in your crop… Read More

Big news! Farm At Hand joins the TELUS family

We’ve got big news! Farm At Hand is excited to announce we’re joining the TELUS family. Having the support of TELUS opens opportunities and empowers us to help make farm management easier for you –… Read More

Farm At Hand and Agrimatics join technological forces

Farm At Hand and Agrimatics are proud to announce they are working together to prepare farmers for the 2019 harvest season. Using advanced technology, both companies will work in conjunction to automate the way farmers upload… Read More

Ready for harvest? New updates make this season even easier.

Gearing up for harvest season is easier with Farm At Hand. Stay up to date on your fields, storage and deliveries. We’ve added a few new features to help out with #harvest19. Planting & Harvest Status Dashboard… Read More

Farm At Hand Integration with MyJohnDeere

Farm At Hand Integration with MyJohnDeere Harness the power of John Deere with Farm At Hand and bring your information together in one place! Use your John Deere records… Read More

Inventory Management

One of the most important things that any business needs to know is how much inventory they have and what it’s worth. Farming is no exception to this. The value of the inventory is directly affected… Read More

Get more out of your farm with Farm At Hand Premium

Farm At Hand Premium gives you access to the Crop Overview tool  — an easier way for you to manage crop production and field profits! Field Overview: Know where your crops are and… Read More

Five Things You Need To Do To Have Your Equipment Ready For Seeding

It’s that time of year to get your equipment ready for data collection! For this guest blog post, we reached out to our friends at Enns Brothers — Dave Ives is a Field Advisor and… Read More

Field Management

What did I put here last year….. Wait, that wasn’t me. I just rented this quarter. What did they seed here last year…. Oats? Canola? That information has to be here somewhere… Read More