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By Eric

Gearing up for harvest season is easier with Farm At Hand. Stay up to date on your fields, storage and deliveries. We’ve added a few new features to help out with #harvest19.

Planting & Harvest Status Dashboard

See how many acres you have seeded and harvested versus your total land size. Quickly know how many acres of each commodity is complete and, what’s left to go.

Go from Field to Grain Elevator

Whether your crop is hauled into a bin or being delivered, Farm At Hand helps you keep track of every step. With newly improved options, review and add everything that’s happened in your fields from harvest to haul out.​

Keep everyone on the same page

With a single click, assemble your team to update the harvest, storage and delivery activities on your farm. Inviting others to join your farm has never been easier. 

Connect with Agrimatics

Farm At Hand seamlessly provides all of your Agrimatics harvest weight totals. With a single button, connect to your Agrimatics Aero account. ​

To learn more, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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