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By Brooklyn Enes

This 2021 season, let’s put your farm information to work and take full advantage of your Farm At Hand Premium account. Here are a few “quick wins” to make farm management easier

  1. Have your crop overview at your fingertips! Have a quirky field? No problem, adjust your plan to accommodate each field. Always know where your crops are and easily track their application progress. 
  2. Make sure everyone in your operation is connected! With a single click, get your whole team connected to update harvest, storage and delivery activities on your farm. Learn more about inviting others to join your farm. Add in your agronomist to collaborate on crop planning and field scouting. 
  3. Cost & Revenue tracking has never been easier. Be sure to enter in all inputs to easily compare profit margins across your crops and fields. See how these costs impact your bottom line, for better on-the-go decision making. 

phone asset and web page sharing the crop planner section from farm at hand


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