• Track your fields and farm activities
  • Manage your storage, equipment, and maintenance
  • Access grain marketing insights and control your sales and delivery contracts
  • Plan your crop year from overall crop mix to specific fertilizer blends
  • Cost and revenue tracking
  • Sales management to make sure you never miss a special

Easily plan your crop year from overall crop mix to field-specific fertilizer blends.

  • Know your crop rotation at a glance
  • Got a quirky field? Adjust your plan to accommodate each field’s needs
  • Secure the best varieties and prices by knowing everything you’ll need to get the job done
Cost & Revenue Tracking

Easily know your cost of production

  • Assign pricing to your inputs, track revenue and understand your projected costs.
  • Easily compare profit margins across your crops and fields to make better plans for your farm.
  • Know how costs and revenues impact the bottom line so you can make on-the-go decisions
  • Make confident decisions when managing sales during market highs and lows.
Crop Overview

An easier way for you to manage crop production and field profits

  • Field Overview: Know where your crops are and easily track their application progress
  • Storage Overview: Get a quick snapshot of current on-hand inventory to help manage grain movement
  • Marketing Overview: Easily manage your sales position and where you break even
  • Cost & Revenue Overview: Compare plans against end results for better decision-making
Sales Management

Always know what you have left to sell so you never miss a special.

  • Know what you have on hand to sell, what you’ve committed and what’s already been sold
  • Estimate what you will have to sell to capitalize on market advantages
  • Keep your contracts organized and record details such as amount, grade, basis, buyer, location, trucking company and more

Keep everyone up to date and on the same page with what’s happening on your farm

  • Easily collaborate with your team, family or employees by allowing them to see certain areas of your farm
  • Give your Sales Advisor a quick view of your sales position to help you secure the best prices
  • Add your Agronomist to collaborate on crop planning and field scouting. (Learn more about Farm At Hand Agronomy here)

Get all tools and features available in Standard, such as:

  • Farm Dashboard
  • Field & Field Activity Tracking
  • Inventory Management
  • Equipment, Parts & Maintenance
  • Contracts & Deliveries
  • Report Generation
  • Photo Storage
  • User & Permission Management
  • Integrations

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What Farmers Are Saying...

Love this app more every day. Information at my fingertips. No more fumbling for records. #onthecloud

Micheal Wipf

Viking, Alberta

I use Farm At Hand to keep track of different varieties and chemicals, and it really helped when doing crop insurance. Its an excellent tool to have on the farm.

Laramie Eyben

Vermilion, Alberta

Farm At hand helps me keep track of everything that goes on in a day. With several hired men, it’s beneficial to have a centralized place where all information is stored and easily accessed.

Ginelle Pidwerbesky

Borden, Saskatchewan

Farm At Hand has helped me to organize and keep track of all fields and field activities. This is handy especially when you farm with other people.

Scott Perkin

Elgin, Manitoba

Farm At Hand has helped me to organize and and keep track of the vast lineup of equipment we now have.

Lance Walker

Borden, Saskatchewan