Because no one works in a silo... well, most of time.

Growing Network of Partners

Farm At Hand works with a growing network of partners dedicated to helping make farm management easier. Dig deeper into some of the amazing work we're doing with our partner network from exclusive offers to in-app integrations.

Integration Partner

My John Deere

All users can import their field activities from their MyJohnDeere Operations Centre account into their Farm At Hand field records.

  • Keep your field information in one place
  • Make it easier to track completed field activities
  • Connect your Farm At Hand account with other on farm technology.
Integration Partner


All users can sync their grain scale information from their Agrimatics Aero account into their Farm At Hand Storage records.

  • See your harvest weight totals in one place
  • Connect your Farm At Hand account with other on farm technology
Retail Partner

Cervus Equipment

Connect with your Precision Ag Specialist from Cervus Equipment through your Farm At Hand Premium account to keep track of your on-field activity.

  • Collaborate with your Precision Ag Specialist at Cervus to start digitizing your farm information and using it to make better decisions
  • Move from spreadsheets and notebooks to a digital farm management tool with the help of your Cervus advisor
Technology Partner

Hummingbird Technologies

Farm At Hand Premium users can connect to Hummingbird’s crop analytics platform to fill in-season agronomic activity using imagery.

  • Monitor your fields with leading-edge imagery technologies
  • Collaborate with your team and agronomists in real-time
  • Benchmarking tool that allows you to compare a field’s performance against other fields, optimizing time and the ability to focus on lower performing fields
TELUS Ag Partner


Decisive Farming combines cutting-edge farm and workflow management solutions, variable rate technologies, and IoT integrations, giving farmers a single platform from which to operate their businesses and providing them with a holistic view that allows them to optimize profitability.