Mark Lepp


Mark grew up on a grain and oilseed farm in the Red River Valley in Manitoba. Since helping out on the farm at a very early age, he has been actively involved in agriculture his entire career. Today he leads his group with the purpose to make things easier and more profitable for farmers. A key belief of Mark’s is that technology can bring growth opportunities to ag industry partners in the areas of market analysis, grain origination and collaboration.

Glen Kroeker

Vice-President, Innovation and Operations

Glen is passionate about agriculture and the business of agriculture. He grew up on the Prairies and has been involved in many aspects of the industry including primary production, crop inputs, grain industry, feed industry, as well as wholesale and retail consumer products and finance. Glen is really interested in how technology can change the way we do things and most importantly, how we can use technology to simplify our increasingly complex world.

Emily Enns

Marketing Manager

After growing up surrounded by all things John Deere, and a family that’s been in the farming industry for over 60 years, Emily ventured out into the world of digital marketing. She graduated with her degree in Creative Communications and put her advertising chops to work. She joins the Farm At Hand team with a passion for customer service and helping farmers succeed. You won’t find Emily without a camera in hand and her Frenchie, Waylon, at her side. Give her a shout anytime! She’ll be happy to swap dog pics :)

Brendan McCaffery

Product Manager

Brendan has worked the agricultural pipeline from the Saskatchewan prairies to the tidal waters of British Columbia. Originally from Calgary, the opportunity to work in a grain elevator really exposed this city slicker to the complexities surrounding agriculture and the businesses behind it. He apologizes if he ever mistook your durum as red spring and swears he can now tell the two apart.

Chris Corbett

Product Lead - Agronomy

Chris has been involved in agriculture since he was old enough to see over the steering wheel of the tractor on the family farm near Winnipeg. He has spent over 20 years employed in ag, in all facets from sales and agronomy to consulting. Chris leapt into the world of grain marketing and business development in 2005 with FarmLink, helping farm families become more profitable. He loves getting up in front of a crowd and speaking, whether educating or entertaining (often both!). He is excited to integrate his ag knowledge with the amazing opportunities Farm at Hand is developing in agronomy and other areas.

Max Lin

Product Designer

Max was running commercial film production before he embraced the digital world. He is creative at heart and yearns for new approaches to solve problems. He is addicted to puzzles, legos, drawing, baking, and adventures.

Greg Norris

Full-stack Developer

Greg is an experienced full-stack developer who loves to write software that people actually use. He has done software development spanning telecom, aerospace, and medical appliances, and of course many different kinds of web applications. Greg is interested in delivering value, and making a farmer's life easier every day.

Dan Bernardic

Full-stack Developer

Dan loves working with others on meaningful and challenging projects, employing technology to help individuals and companies provide top-notch services to their clients and communities.

Kevin Doole

Full-stack Developer

Since 2009, Kevin has been researching, designing and programming in order to help diverse organizations achieve their goals. He's passionate about user experience design, Agile software development, and front- and back-end web development.

Eric Ng

Customer Success Manager

Eric loves helping folks get 'er done. Since 2010, he has been a customer success guru for start ups in education, live events and the music industry. Eric is focused on making software friendly, and is dedicated to delivering amazing customer experiences during the day, while moonlighting as a club DJ in the evening.

Adam Szabo

Lead iOS Developer

Adam has been working with mobile application development since 2010. His competitive personality makes the daily challenges a bit more interesting. In his free time, he plays various kind of games with his friends.

Jeff Mew

iOS Developer

In a previous life Jeff was working in the energy industry as an electrical engineer. The lure of working with mobile devices brought him to the tech world in 2016. Since then he has worked on a meditation app, a tour booking app and a games suite to name a few. Jeff enjoys working on new projects with clean and beautiful user interfaces. When he’s not in front of a computer Jeff enjoys playing guitar, doing yoga, and playing soccer.