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By Brooklyn Enes

Prep strategically for harvest and maximize your pre-harvest window

As a farmer, you oversee several things at once so it can be tough to decide which hat to wear and when. At any given time, you’re executing crop management tasks, including spraying or scouting, monitoring inputs and equipment needs across all those acres, scheduling who’s doing what and where – even adjusting marketing or risk management plans. In crunch times like harvest, using farm management software can set your entire team up for success.
Running your operation at high-performance depends on an ultra-productive team and seamless planning. Even in the quieter moments – like the window between seeding and harvest – your mind is easily occupied by all that’s on the horizon. However, these moments can be the optimal time to both prepare for harvest and fill the many components of your “to-do list” into farm management software.
Whether you’re looking to better leverage your existing farm management software or adopt a brand-new system, it’s important to consider the ways the tool will specifically benefit your unique operation: 
  • How will it bring better efficiency and productivity? 
  • How will it slash the costs of doing business, all in the name of upping your profitability?
Work smarter, not harder
No matter the size of your operation, your farm management software makes decision-making a data-driven process that can help increase predictability and reduce costly inefficiencies. In particular, accurate and easily accessible records optimize everything from managing staff to ordering seed and fertility products. As you work more strategically, you free up time to better analyze areas where opportunities can be seized and challenges overcome.
Your farm management software holds all the moving parts across your farm in real-time so you can focus on bigger picture decisions and proactively grow your business. Analysis, measurements, management and comparison year-over-year has never been so easy and effective.

farmer on farm management software during harvest

What features do I need within my farm management software to optimize my operations?
Access to real-time1 data in a centralized cloud-based software system that you, your internal team and outside advisors can access is a must. It means no matter where you are, you can monitor activity across all your fields throughout the season, including identifying shortages or surpluses that need to be addressed quickly. 
When it comes to keeping your workforce in order, farm management software helps you develop and assign team schedules, record timesheets, store staff records and create stronger communication amongst your team. With the ability to input GPS coordinates and mapping, it’s easy to track what’s happening in any location and who’s doing what.
A great system also generates useful reports your team can use to make day-to-day decisions as well as analyze at a later date for performance tracking. By understanding what has worked well and noting trends, you’ll make stronger plans heading into the following crop year.
Having your head in the clouds has never been so good
The streamlined efficiency that comes with cloud-based record-keeping and real-time1 visibility across your business is invaluable. As easy as clicking an icon on your favourite mobile device, farm management software allows your farm information to be collected and stored centrally so it’s easily accessible to anyone at any time, from administrative staff to outside advisors. Thanks to automated workflows, worrying something’s fallen by the wayside is a thing of the past – this means you can focus onwards and upwards in creating the best business for your operation. 

1 Connectivity subject to internet availability in your area

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