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By Emily Enns

Farm At Hand announces its integration with the John Deere Operations Center. Users will be able to import their field information from their Operations Center organization into their Farm At Hand account, allowing them to manage their field activities in one easy-to-use place.

“We recognize that many farmers are using a few different software programs on their farms,” says Mark Lepp, CEO at Farm At Hand. “We want to be able to collaborate with different programs to give the farmer the easiest solution for managing their farm information.”

Farm At Hand allows farmers to enter their field activities into an online and mobile app. Farmers can track their farm operations from seed to sale with information at their fingertips.

“We believe in the future of technology in farming,” says Glen Kroeker, VP of Innovation and Operation at Farm At Hand. “With the John Deere Operations Center integration, users can maximize the use of technology on their farms to help them become more profitable growers.”

The integration with John Deere Operations Center information helps to make farm management easier – allowing farmers to do what they do best, farm.

View your field information here.

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