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By Emily Enns


As drivers of innovation, Farm At Hand and HUB International are proud to announce they are teaming up to help farmers with easier access to hail and farm insurance.

The companies are working together to develop a new way for farmers to submit their records for quicker access to insurance quotes using the Farm At Hand app and WebHail platform.

Farm At Hand, a farm management app, supports thousands of farms across Canada in managing their operations from seed to sale. It keeps track of important farm information such as field records, bin storage, crop plans and helps track costs and revenues.

HUB International’s WebHail platform helps farmers get quotes, purchase crop insurance, check prices and review deductible options. The need for carefully planned and executed risk management programs for producers is becoming increasingly important, and farm program cutbacks, changes to marketing agencies, high input cost, fluctuating crop commodity prices have increased the exposure to significant financial loss from hail. A good crop insurance program can effectively protect farmers against major financial losses and provide a guaranteed minimum yield on which marketing plans can be constructed.

“We believe in making farm management easier,” says Farm At Hand CEO, Mark Lepp. “Our growers have told us they want an easier way to share their records with trusted service providers. The strategic alliance with HUB International and the WebHail platform will help farmers access hail and farm insurance simply and efficiently.”

Farm At Hand is one of the top farm management programs leading the pack in its ease of use, security of information, crop planning, crop scouting and budgeting tools.

“We are committed to not only providing easier access to farm insurance and hail coverage, we are also committed to bringing our farm clients the best technology in the marketplace to help them manage their operations,” says Keith Jordan, President and CEO for HUB International Manitoba. “We couldn’t be more pleased to be teaming up with the leading provider in farm management to help our clients.”

The collaboration project is now underway. Watch for future announcements as we release these new features in the coming year.

About HUB International and Web Hail

Hub International is a leading full-service global insurance broker providing property and casualty, life and health, employee benefits, investment and risk management products and services. With more than 11,000 employees in offices located throughout North America, Hub’s vast network of specialists provides peace of mind on what matters most by protecting clients through unrelenting advocacy and tailored insurance solutions. For more information, please visit

HUB International’s WebHail platform is Western Canada’s first provider of online crop hail insurance and field risk management. The program helps farmers get quotes, purchase crop insurance, check prices and review deductible options.

For more information, please contact:

Emily Enns
Marketing Manager
Farm At Hand
[email protected]


Greg Johnson
Strategic Resource Manager
HUB International
[email protected]

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