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By farmathand

Good news! You can now auto-adjust your inventory level from your iOS app. All you have to do is attach a bin or a grain bag to your Delivery ticket and voila!

Remember that you will need to specify the “haul out” amount when you are adding a bin or a grain bag as this is the amount that will be deducted from your inventory. You can haul from multiple bins and bags and the total amount does not need to equate to “Delivery amount” field – although for your own record keeping, it is a good idea to double-check the math 🙂

Please note that if there is no “haul out” details, then the inventory level will not be adjusted. If you haul out more than what you have in the inventory, then the bins or gain bags will go negative.


What happens when I delete my Delivery after attaching a bin or grain bag to it? When a delivery is deleted, the inventory is not added back to the bin.

What happens when I edit my Delivery after attaching or a grain bag to it? When a delivery is “edited” the inventory adjustment is made to the bin.

What happens if I edit the “commodity” field in the Delivery?
When delivery “commodity ” is changed, nothing changes.

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