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By farmathand


What’s your name? Twila Miller

I have been a farmer since: I think I was born a “farmerette”. I helped my mom and dad with their farming until I graduated, then in 2001 started full time farming with my husband and his family where we run a 10000 acre grain farm.

I’ve been a Farm At Hand user since: This winter. I wanted to see how it worked and what it could do, so then I could refer it to other farmers who are looking for a solution to have our information all in once place. It’s been way too many spreadsheets in the past few years lol.

Where do you farm? Lipton SK.

What do you grow? Canola, Wheat, Oats, Barley, Peas

Tell us a little bit about why you become a farmer and who you farm with. I grew up with a family farm. I love the way of life that it brings even though it is a business, the excitement to grow those little seeds into a beautiful crop! I’m just one of the many set of hands that helps to put food on many peoples’ tables. I farm with my husband Collin and two children Connor (10yrs) and Makayla (4yrs), already we have a farmer in the making as I can see the excitement he has in his eyes when we get into spring!

What’s one of your favourite moments when you’re out in the fields? Watching the crops go in, grow up, and get harvested! I love all the “growing seasons”…

Can you share with us what you think our biggest challenge in Ag right now? Employees, Land Values, and being able to catch up to the technology that is basically outdated as soon as you start. At some point I feel that technology needs to slow down a little so that employees and farmers in general can keep up. Sometimes the developers of things have no answers either when it comes to the fixes or glitches…. Many things are pushed out and not tested to run 100%, but faster and bigger. It’s not always the solutions in my opinion…

And ok, maybe one more point lol… There is such a huge disconnect in the population of where their food has come from and continues to come from. We have all survived for centuries, off of the farmers hands and not sure why there is questionabilty now. Education from the parents to the schools need to happen; it is very disheartening how it fell through the cracks somewhere in between.

If there is one thing you want the general population to know about farming, what would that be? Farmers put food on your table and they have for centuries, and many more to come. Without a farmer where would you be?

Where can we find you online? Twitter @millertwila.

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