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By farmathand

alt Mike Beckie

What’s your name? Mike Beckie

I have been a farmer I’ve been working the dirt for 32 years full time but started at age 7 driving tractors.

I’ve been a Farm At Hand user since: I’ve been a user for about two years. It’s a great tool to keep track of what’s going on out in the field! It’s also a big help with equipment for repairs.

Where do you farm? We farm NW of Davidson Sk located halfway between Saskatoon and Regina.

What do you grow? We grow durum, canola, lentils and flax.

How did you get into farming? I got into farming because of my Dads passion for farming!

What do you love about farming? Raising a crop from start to finish and working with my family.

Tell us a little bit about why you farm and who you farm with. I became a farmer to carry on the family farm. I farm wife my wife Teresa,dad Don and my mom Karen.

alt Mike Beckie 2

What’s one of your favourite moments when you’re out in the fields? I’d have to say it’s the smell of freshly worked dirt it’s full of life to grow the seeds we plant!

Has technology changed the way you farm? How so? Yes it has, it’s made our farm more productive and efficient than it was in past years.

What’s currently in your pockets? 2.57 in change set of shop keys and a tin of snuff.

What is your most important piece of equipment and why? I’d have to say our sprayer,it’s the most used piece of equipment on our farm.

Can you share with us what you think our biggest challenge in Ag right now? Trying to let the public know that we produce a safe product there’s so much misinformation out there in my opinion.

If there is one thing you want the general population to now about farming, what would that be? that it’s not as easy as they think ,if it was everyone would be doing it!

Where can we connect with you online? Twitter @skiwhiz_500

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