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By farmathand


What’s your name? Marv W.

I have been a farmer [since]: all my life. I was born on a farm.

I’ve been a Farm At Hand user since: about three years ago. Farm At Hand has helped me keep track of my field activities.

Where do you farm? about 60 miles north of Saskatoon. I live in a community of 85 people; it’s like a colony. We own and rent our land. We farm about 20,000 acres.

What do you grow? Mostly cereal crops and canola.

How did you get into farming? Our great grandparents were farmers and it just keeps going to the next generation.

What do you love about farming? It’s a job that I know and that I will do until I die. Then, my kids will keep going.


What’s one of your favourite moments when you’re out in the fields? I drive my truck in my spare time if I am not busy in the hog barn.

Has technology changed the way you farm? How so? Yes, and we try and stay up to date whenever we can.

What’s your most important piece of equipment and why? All of them. Every single one of them is important to get the harvest done.

If there is one thing you want the general population to know about farming, what would that be? We do what we do to feed the world and build a future for our kids. We are here to market our grain, just like other farmers – now if only we could get better prices for our grain that would be nice. 🙂

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