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By farmathand

Eyben Farms

What’s your name? Laramie Eyben.

I have been a farmer I started farming my own land in 1996 but farming was always in my blood.

I’ve been a Farm At Hand user since: May 2015. I use Farm At Hand to keep track of different varieties and chemicals, and it really helped when doing crop insurance. It’s an excellent tool to have on the farm.

Where do you farm? Vermilion, AB.

What do you grow? We grow wheat, canola, peas and barley.

Laramie Eyben Farms

How did you get into farming? I’ve always been farming from the time I was in a sandbox.

What do you love about farming? I love the challenges that every day brings and the satisfaction of beating the challenges.

Tell us a little bit about why you farm and who you farm with. I farm with my parent and I grew up around the farm – it’s all I ever wanted to do.

Laramie farms

What’s one of your favourite moments when you’re out in the fields? In harvest time when we stop for supper, and we all take a break and share good conversation and great food.

Has technology changed the way you farm? How so? Yes, technology changes farming every year from crops, chemicals and equipment allowing us to feed more people.

What’s currently in your pockets? Wallet – $3.65 and a fuse.

What is your most important piece of equipment and why? I would say the semi because it is a part of every operation on our farm from seeding spraying combining and hauling the grain.

Can you share with us what you think our biggest challenge in Ag right now? The biggest challenge is to unite farmers together so that we could make changes to a lot of the other issues in farming because one farm can’t make all changes alone.

Do you think the way we farm and produce food will change in the next 10 years? How so? I believe farming will change every year with improvements in genetics and equipment.

If there is one thing you want the general population to now about farming, what would that be? that we try very hard at what we do and we have multiple skills to make our farms successful.

Where can we connect with you online? Twitter @eybenfarms

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