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By farmathand


What’s your name? Chad Bown

I have been a farmer since: I’ve been actively farming for about 9 years now. I am a fourth generation farmer and before this I helped my parents’ farm.

I have been a Farm At Hand user: for about 8 months plus. It helps me to stay organized. I really like the fact that I can change the storage and update inventory and field activities on command. It was difficult to keep the inventory updated because I farm with my parents (Upper Management), lol, who like to travel a lot (semi-retired) :).

It could be challenging to find the info I need. We used Excel spreadsheets but it was hard to share information back and forth since everyone in the family had a different windows software and laptop brands and was coming and going everywhere – and Upper Mangement wanted to be present for all the changes.

Where do you farm? Ranfurly, AB, along the Hwy #16 corridor.

What do you grow? Mostly wheat and canola, and my dad has a little bit of barley in.

How did you get into farming? I am a fourth generation farmer. My parents and my grandpa got me into farming. I am just following their footsteps, I guess. I enjoy it a lot. I like the flexibility of being my own boss. I thought about being a lawyer or a doctor, but it would take way too long and I only have enough patience for Mother Nature during one growing season so at least a farmer kinda gets a redo every spring. Lol.

What do you love about farming? Living out in the country and that we try only to grow peas about every 7 years because of the stress level, lol. Being my own boss and getting most of the winter off so I can curl, play cards, attend farm seminars and work off the farm if need be. I’m also outside a lot, which is great. Farming is a neighbourly/family thing, so I get to talk to my neighbours and family, have coffee/golf/play cards with them.

What’s one of your favourite moment in the field? Harvest time! We get to reap the benefits of everything we did back in the spring hoping that all the long hours in the field will pay off.

What is your most important piece of equipment? The sprayer! It’s definitely the most used and it helps is to stay on top of insect and diseases management, which seems to be more critical this year, escpically the weeds with the dry spring and late rains.

What is your biggest take away this year? Never underestimate Mother Nature!

If there is one thing you’d like the general population to know about farming, what would that be? That GMO’s aren’t a bad thing. Farmers are good stewards of the land and the World should not be afraid of food.

Where can we find you online? Only on Twitter @ranfurlyredneck.

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