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By farmathand

(Alexa on the left – VERY excited about corn!)

What’s your name?
My name is Alexa Solomon

I’ve been a marketer/community builder since
I have been working in marketing/communications/community building since 2010 when I did my first marketing internship for a small business during the summer of university.

How did you become a marketer? I did my undergraduate degree in marketing at Ryerson University in Toronto. A combination of my education and practical experience from interning (and some really amazing mentors along the way) allowed me to do what I love!

Where are you located? When not on the road for different tradeshows and client events, I am based out of our amazing (and cold) Winnipeg office.

What do you do at Farm At Hand? I am behind all of our social media, tradeshows, events, advertising, and spearhead our #HereForFarmers campaign!

I’ve been in the farmily since… August 2016!

What’s your experience with farming or agriculture?
I joined Farm At Hand with no experience in farming or agriculture. I was drawn to the amazing people and working environment, and was intrigued to learn more about the industry that feeds the world! I have learned an incredible amount, and am thankful for all of my colleagues and our amazing clients who are so willing to teach.

What’s one of your favourite moments? (while at Farm At Hand) One of my favourite moments is definitely on our staff retreat when we had a karaoke competition. Our marketing manager Breanne and I performed “Mama’s Broken Heart” by Miranda Lambert in blonde wigs…it was quite the performance! (And yes, we won…)

What’s the one thing you would like a farmer to know from the general public? We appreciate you!!! Even though growers are DEFINITELY not told enough. You know what they say…”If you ate today, thank a farmer!”

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