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By Brooklyn Enes

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How This Ranch Uses Technology to Connect Its Teams Across Fields and Task Lists

Happy Steer Ranch in Sunburst, Montana uses Farm At Hand to make farm management easier. Located in north-central Montana just 10 miles south of the Canadian border, their growing focus is on cereal grains and pulses, but have the potential to expand their crop mix to include flax, canola, mustard, spring wheat, winter wheat, and many more. 

After a less than stellar experience with another software provider, which had a confusing user experience and some software bugs that limited the tool’s use, Happy Steer Ranch started using Farm At Hand early in 2020. They quickly appreciated how well Farm At Hand worked both on the web and on mobile, allowing them to organize their operations and assign tasks to their team.

We recently chatted with Willow Wieskamp, and Wendy and Korey Fauque to discuss their experience with the Farm At Hand app. Although they all work different roles within the operation, from farm hand to agronomist, the consensus is in: Farm At Hand helps their team to collaborate with one another effectively, regardless if they are on the road or in the field. 

Happy Steer Ranch uses the Premium version of Farm At Hand to connect all of its team members. 

Wendy, co-owner of the ranch, loves the fast-pace of the busy season on the ranch. Farm At Hand allows her to give access to employees so that they can see certain areas of the ranch’s operations:

“It’s so fun when things get busy and people are running all over the place, doing all sorts of different things. I feel like before we got [Farm At Hand], it felt like chaos, like ‘Are we getting everything done? We’re all working hard, but are we focusing our efforts where it should be?’ And that is why I like this [app]. I feel like we’re all in the loop now and we feel confident that we’re doing the best we can, doing everything timely and we all know what needs to be done when.” 

Willow, Happy Steer Ranch’s farmhand, shared that her favorite feature of the app is the “Activities” view, which allows her to manage her own time and end the day confidently that all tasks are complete: 

“Wendy will put in a date or time frame… there’s lots of times where, during spraying for instance, I am out there solely on my own but if I can see in [the app] and know what fields need to be done when, I can create my own schedule based on the timeline she created.” 

Designed for all farmers, and not just the tech-savvy ones, Farm At Hand is easy to pick up and use. On the mobile app, growers love looking up details for their farm, right from their tractor. Since it takes a whole team to finish each day’s work, Farm At Hand helps farmers collaborate with employees, advisers, agronomists, insurance agents, and bankers. 

Willow also shared how Farm At Hand supports her communication with other employees, even when she is out in the field alone:

“I think it is super, super easy to use from your phone when you’re in the tractor and busy. It just makes it really easy to see, ‘okay, well I have this many bushels left in this bin,’ and so I can let the guys know at the bin yard. It just makes communication way easier.” 

For farmers needing a straightforward solution to get the job done, Farm At Hand makes managing your farm easier by keeping everything at your fingertips through simply designed, easy-to-use software. 

Stay tuned to learn more about how the folks at Happy Steer Ranch use Farm At Hand to simplify their operation and make decisions easier!

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