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By farmathand

Plant 2022 is just around the corner and everyone is gearing up to get going. Those pesky field records are typically an afterthought until reporting time when you are scrambling to meet the deadline. We’re here to help.

Keeping accurate field records is an integral part of any crop operation. Whether you’re in a heavily regulated industry like malted barley, hemp or other specialty crops or simply want to keep better tabs on your input use, Farm At Hand provides all the traceability you need. Your data is available as soon as it’s entered and anytime you need it.

Keeping accurate field records gives you all of the required information you need for any scenario – crop insurance, agronomists, marketing consultants, lenders, governing bodies and finally your own needs. No more hand written forms or unnecessary phone calls and visits to the farm. Keeping farm records gives you greater productivity and efficiency.

Enter It and Forget It

Logging field records provides valuable information and helps determine what works and what doesn’t. It also eliminates the need for those notebooks in every piece of equipment. You can enter the variety of canola planted, the type of pesticide applied or various scouting notes on the go and literally forget it until you need it again.

Limited cell service on the farm? No problem. Farm At Hand is everywhere you need it to be. It is designed to record all field activities while in the field as they are happening, on your smartphone (iPhone, Android), tablet (iPad, Android) or anywhere there is a computer. Because your farm goes where your cell service doesn’t, Farm At Hand for iOS even works offline when you’re out of range.

Farm At Hand gives you the power to collaborate with your entire staff, giving everybody the ability to enter and manage those field details. No need to remember and record all the activities on the kitchen calendar after a long day, its already done for you! In fact, you are able to schedule all field activities via the Calendar ahead of time.

Record keeping isn’t just for Fields. Read more about how you can keep your equipment up and running in the field, where it belongs. And keep an eye on our blog, we are constantly sending updates about new features and functionality.

Ready to get started with farm management software? Sign up today and enter your first 50 records with no commitment. Use digital record-keeping to support your team today!

We want to hear from you! How can we make Farm At Hand better for you and other farmers? Reach us on Twitter @FarmAtHand or send us an email at [email protected].

Happy Farming!


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