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By farmathand

We all know keeping equipment ready and able is a lot of work! It requires accurate record keeping, advance planning, as well as scheduling of tune-ups and routine maintenance.

There’s good news! The Farm At Hand Equipment section is designed to keep you and your fleet in the field longer. Once entered, all of your equipment details will always be available at your fingertips – anytime, anywhere – so you can throw away that notebook and maintenance log. Concerned about the safety of your data? Take a look at our policies; We will never sell your farm data.

Farm At Hand Equipment

Three Sections To The Farm At Hand Equipment Platform:

Equipment – record all aspects of your fleet and have the exact make, model and specifications (or modifications!) at your fingertips. You will never have to remember when you bought that swather or what you paid for it. And best of all, stop searching for that serial number while you’re standing at the parts counter!

Maintenance Records – keep detailed maintenance records and schedule those tune-ups and routine maintenance. You will never forget an oil change and you can stop crawling on your hands and knees to find it on the oil filter. Your dealership, service manager, auctioneers and potential buyers will love you because all of your maintenance records are in place.

Part Numbers – track all part numbers and stop spending unnecessary time in the store trying to remember that filter or belt number.

But wait! There’s more! Farm At Hand gives you the power to collaborate with your entire farm team so that they can assist in entering and managing those fleet details. In fact, you are able to schedule all tune-ups and routine maintenance jobs via the Calendar. Never miss another oil change again.

Want to do more? Learn about Fields, Storage, Contracts and Deliveries via the User Guide. Also visit our blog, we are constantly sending updates about new features and functionality.

As a reminder, you can log into your Farm At Hand account from any computer at or download the iOS app here and the Android app here.

We want to hear from you! How can we make Farm At Hand better for you and other farmers? Simply send us an email with questions or feedback.

Happy Farming!

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