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Q: Why do farmers love getting their hands in the dirt?
A: It keeps them grounded.

Farm At Hand helps you track and record everything from harvesting your crop, to hauling it into your storage bin and delivering against a contract. It also provides great flexibility to allowing you to make these entries from any starting point, whether that’s your Field, Storage or Contract.

You can also choose how to record your entries, either by adding a single load at the end of the day, or adding each individual entry. Either way, Farm At Hand will calculate the total, so that you’ll know the exact amount and destination of your crops after harvest.

Here’s how you complete a Harvest Load, Haul In or Out and a Delivery against a Contract.

Adding a Harvest Load (for iOS and Web / Android)

  1. In the left-hand menu, select Fields.
  2. Select your Field and select the Harvest Loads tab.
  3. On iOS, tap “+ New Load”. On Web / Android, click “+ Harvest Load”.
  4. Fill out the details and select a destination. This can be to a Contract (as a Delivery Ticket), Storage Bin or Bag.

Adding a Haul In or Haul Out (for iOS and Web / Android)

  1. In the left-hand menu, select Storage.
  2. Select your Binyard and Bin or Bag.
  3. On iOS, tap “+ New Entry” under Transaction History. On Web / Android, click to the Transaction History tab and select “Haul In / Haul Out”.
  4. Fill out the details and select a source. If you are completing a Haul In, this can be to a Field (essentially, a Harvest Load), or another Storage Bin or Bag. If you are completing a Haul Out, your destination can be another Storage Bin or Bag, or a Contract (as a Delivery Ticket).

Delivery (against a Contract)

For step by step instructions, please visit the Help Article linked below:

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