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Q: Why did people never get the farmer’s jokes?
A: Because of his Rye sense of humour

Follow the steps below to save time and pull your harvested weight data from Agrimatics directly into Farm At Hand!

Getting your Agrimatics ready for Farm At Hand

To view Agrimatics Harvest transactions in Farm At Hand, you’ll need the following:

An Agrimatics Aero account.
First, sign into Agrimatics Aero and click into your Libre Cart.

Within your Libre Cart, you’ll need to have set up a:

  • Grower
  • Farm
  • Crop
  • Field
  • Truck or Destination
    If you have a truck, you’ll need a(n):
  • Truck Group
  • Operator

Lastly, you’ll need a completed Cart Transaction.

Once you’ve met these requirements, you can integrate Agrimatics with Farm At Hand.

Integrating from Farm At Hand.

  1. From your Farm At Hand web account (, click Settings in the Left-Hand menu.
  2. Click Integrations and click “Connect”.
  3. Sign into Agrimatics Aero and Libre Cart.
  4. Click “Integrations” and click “Add”.
  5. Select Farm At Hand in the dropdown.
  6. Select the farm you’d like to connect in Farm At Hand.
  7. Connect your Agrimatics and Farm At Hand fields.
  8. You can review your Agrimatics data by reviewing your Harvest Loads tab in your Farm At Hand Fields.

Integrating from Agrimatics.
Follow the above starting from Step 3.