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By farmathand

You ask, we deliver! Farmers are always at the centre of our operations at Farm At Hand. This is why when you asked for a feature, we take it seriously.

Many of you asked for an auto-update feature that links Storage (Bin and Grain Bag inventory) with Contracts and Deliveries. We are happy to announce that part 1 of the feature you requested is ready!

The inventory levels in bins and/or grain bags will be automatically adjusted whenever you attach them to a Delivery ticket.

Here’s how it works:

and your inventory will be adjusted automatically!

No more going back to Storage to manually deduct your inventory amount – more time saved to do other things on the farm!

Part 2 of this feature will connect the Contracts with Deliveries and Storage inventory level as well. Stay tuned for updates! We’ll be releasing more tools to help you soon, especially with a new addition to our team: Glen Kroeker.

We are committed to bringing you the best farm management tool and maintain the quality service you’ve been getting. Glen Kroeker, formerly Director of Management Software for FCC, is joining us and FarmLink as the General Manager of Technology.

Your data is safe and secure, as always. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team members.

And enjoy the new feature!

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