Hummingbird Technologies

Hummingbird Technologies uses artificial intelligence and remote-sourced imagery to provide analytics to farmers, advisors and agri-businesses, helping to identify potential crop issues and maximize efficiency of input applications.

How to get access

Farm At Hand paid subscribers in Canada, get access to Hummingbird Imagery at no cost for the 2020 season as we test and calibrate to Canada. Hummingbird’s imagery solutions are currently used by farmers in the UK, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine & Australia.

How can it help

Hummingbird Imagery processes image data to create a valuable analytics layer, reducing your input costs and ensuring targeted applications are made to the right areas of the field, helping you save valuable time. Imagery analytics allow for earlier, more informed decisions to better manage your operation, prevent disease risk and precisely detect early issues that affect crop health and yields.

How it works

Hummingbird uses algorithms to uncover and analyze hidden field patterns using remotely sensed imagery. These hidden field patterns help detect distinct areas in your field affected by disease, pests and weeds, allowing for more targeted applications of fungicides and pesticides. Data is captured in the field, uploaded to the platform, processed and analyzed, and then presented to you farmers and your their trusted advisors.

Hummingbird’s tools deliver timely, actionable recommendations, which both improve your on-farm performance through precise targeting of operations and inputs, as well as provide you with ROI data for future decision-making.


Field Monitoring Product

Growers Features:

  • NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) a classic indicator of plant health.
  • GAI (Green Area Index) a proprietary index that helps to predict growth stage for oilseeds.
  • Benchmarking, which compares fields and reviews historic progression observing anomalies.

Growers Key Benefits:

  • Enhance scouting by detecting trouble spots on fields and prioritizing activities.
  • Collaborate remotely with advisors and agronomists on the platform at no additional cost.
  • Save time and effort by targeted crop scouting.

Variable Rate Technology

Growers Features:

  • Variable Rate prescription mapping based on remote sensed imagery covering:
    • Seeding
    • Nitrogen
    • Fungicide
    • Desiccation
  • Prescription maps generated immediately by editable bands.

Growers Key Benefits:

  • Improve Yields through optimized input application.
  • Reduce Costs by applying inputs at necessary rates instead of flat applications.
  • Collaborate remotely with advisors and agronomists on the platform at no additional cost.

Custom Imagery Analytics Projects

Touch base with our team for specific imagery analytics projects.

Farm At Hand Premium users, access Hummingbird Technologies’ advanced imagery analytics at no cost for the 2020 growing season with your Premium subscription. Get connected here.

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When using Variable Rate products, product label rates should always be followed. Hummingbird provides a framework for use of Variable Rate, and the responsibility over the output sits with growers, advisors and agronomists.