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By farmathand

You’re in the midst of planting season – you have papers all over your office, you can’t remember what your hired help has completed, and things are getting STRESSFUL. Sound familiar? Let’s change that.

Enter Farm At Hand. It’s the ideal tool to keep track of each and every planting action/activities employed in your fields. You can enter all your planting details from multiple plantings to fertilizers applied. You’ll never lose any details, and you can add observations, spraying, irrigation or any useful activities as they arise until you enter your ultimate harvest details. FAH is accessible on your computer at home, and on your Android or iOS devices while in the field.

Here are tutorial videos which depict planting activities using the Web App and using iOS.

Our users are currently entering all their planting activities and cannot get enough of it! Happy planting!

For any additional questions email Caroline at [email protected]

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