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By farmathand

We launched the #HereForFarmers campaign on February 19 to raise funds and awareness for farmers’ mental health. It was an amazing surprise to see the reaction and support from our communities (that’s you!) who contributed to the campaign. In 60 days, we raised a total $13,306* via Indiegogo for this cause!


Yesterday we paid the last invoice and calculated the net funds raised. We are happy to announce that your generosity has helped us donate $6,842.93 to Farm Stress Line. This is including the $1,000 matching donation from FBC.

Once again we want to thank you all for your generosity and support! This community of compassionate individuals and supportive organizations has made it all possible. A special shout out to the corporate sponsors: Barley Council of Canada, FBC and FarmLink Marketing Solutions and RedHead Equipment. This is a step in the right direction, and certainly a big step for Agriculture as an industry. We are looking forward to continuing the conversation and support for farmers’ mental health.

All t-shirts have been printed and shipped out. We hope you enjoy yours and keep the conversation about positive mental health going! If you feel so inclined, we welcome any pictures of you and the t-shirt in action – share it with us using #HereForFarmers.

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