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By farmathand

We could not have been more grateful for all your support and have decided to extend the #HereForFarmers campaign a little longer to raise more funds for farmers’ mental health. We also would like to thank Barley Council Canada for coming on board as a corporate sponsor. It’s great to have your support and thank you for being #HereForFarmers.

Mental health is not an easy topic to bring up, let alone to discuss publicly. If you haven’t already, check out this guest post by Gina Kempton-Doane, a Registered Psychologist with an academic and practical background in Agriculture, for stress management as well as practical advice and list of resources.

However promoting positive mental health as well as providing resources for those who need help is something that we can do together as a community.

Your t-shirt can be a conversation starter to talk about mental health – both in real life and online. Feel free to share a picture of these t-shirts in action! These guys did it, will you do it, too?

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