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By farmathand

Our #HereForFarmers campaign is officially starting tomorrow (just in time for mental health awareness week) and we couldn’t be more excited to share the designs with you! Our staff all voted on what they thought you would love, and after much deliberation the designs are ready.

If you haven’t heard about #HereForFarmers before, it is a campaign to raise funds and awareness for farmers mental health. We sell (awesome) t-shirts and donate the proceeds to the Farm Stress Line. #HereForFarmers is also all about starting the conversation and eliminating the stigma around mental health and mental illness.

Our first design is a ‘5 day weather forecast’. We created this design with the challenges of weather-watching in mind (a frustration all farmers can relate too). Sometimes there’s no other way to describe the weather other than with one word…”stress”!

Our second design is the inside of the “farmer brain”. As farmers, you all have a ton on yours minds. From planting, to paycheques, to equipment, to your family, it truly never ends. This t-shirt design represents the complexity of what goes on in a growers mind.

Make sure to follow @FarmAtHand on twitter so you’re ready to purchase your t-shirts when the site goes live tomorrow (May 2, 2017)! Visit

Designs Below:

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