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Have you ever accidentally hauled into the wrong bin and wished that there was a better way? Farm At Hand is here to solve this and so much more!

From seed to sale, Farm At Hand helps you to get the job done at every stage. Use it to track your inventory and sales positions, record field activities, like planting and spraying, log maintenance on your equipment, and plan out your upcoming growing season. Designed for all farmers, and not just the tech savvy ones, Farm At Hand is easy to pick up and use. On the mobile app, growers love looking up details for their farm, right from their tractor. Since it takes a whole team to finish each day’s work, Farm At Hand helps farmers collaborate with employees, advisers, agronomists, insurance agents and bankers.

Best of all, Farm At Hand is free to get started, with even more benefits available on Farm At Hand – Premium.

And rest assured that data is never sold or provided to any other organization – your farm is yours and so is your data!

For farmers needing a straightforward solution to get the job done, Farm At Hand is here.

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