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By Brooklyn Enes

Gearing up for the seeding season is easier with Farm At Hand. Stay closely connected to your fields, storage, and deliveries. To help, we’ve added new features to help! 

Field Management is a crucial element for all farms, including the overall history of the fields, crop rotations, drainage issues, pesticide use, or saline area.  When the information is captured accurately in your Farm At hand app, it will save you precious time when you’re at the height of your busy season. 

farm at hand app with crop planner in front of a canola field

Think about this past year. We learned it’s best to focus only on what we can control.  If the landlord or previous grower didn’t keep quality records, not much can be done to understand field history, but you can correct this from the point in time where you take on the field. This year, focusing on keeping quality records and building your history will help you be profitable faster, and help make farm management easier in the future. Production issues will always be a challenge – but you can control some of those issues through great records, resulting in better field health, better crops, and increased profitability. 

Learn more about field records: 

crop planner youtube screenshot

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