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Part of the TELUS Agriculture family

As you may know,  in November 2020, we announced the launch of TELUS Agriculture. TELUS Agriculture is a family of solutions that includes farm management systems, variable rate technologies, advanced imagery analytics and workflow management.

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Decisive Farming

Decisive Farming combines cutting-edge farm and workflow management solutions, variable rate technologies, and IoT integrations, giving farmers a single platform from which to operate their businesses and providing them with a holistic view that allows them to optimize profitability.

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Get a Complete Picture of your Fields

Hummingbird Technologies

Unlock the power of imagery with Hummingbird Technologies.

Hummingbird uses satellite imagery and artificial intelligence to provide field insights and crop analytics to you and your advisors, helping to identify potential crop issues, prevent disease risk,  better manage your farm operation and maximize the efficiency of input applications.

Set your farm up for success and elevate your crop’s performance.

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