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By farmathand

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Farmers, have you ever been out in the field, at the auction, or even finally taking that weekend at the lake, and your advisor (agronomist, agrologist, etc) needs to know what fields you sprayed for the past week? If you use Farm At Hand you could quickly pull up the app and check but that’s still a lot of data to try to copy into a text or email and share over the phone.

Or, are you that advisor out scouting fields and need to confirm when and what the last pass was, but can’t get a hold of anyone? How many hours do you spend every single week just trying to get all of this data from your farmers?

There surely must be an easier way… and there is. We are now launching a project to simplify how farmers and their advisors share data. The best part is, it’s still FREE. With Farm At Hand, not only can farmers keep quick and accurate records, but now they can also select the fields and records they wish to share with their advisor. Advisors, these reports will automatically be sent to your inbox on a weekly or twice weekly basis. Easy peasy. All we ask in return is that you send us some feedback on how we can make things better!

This project is only the beginning. As early users we’ll make sure you’re always the first to know and use upcoming features and that you receive other great benefits as well!

If you’d like to learn more and enrol to take advantage please fill out this form or let us know at [email protected].

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