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By Sabrina Carnevale

It’s that time of year to get your equipment ready for data collection!

For this guest blog post, we reached out to our friends at Enns Brothers — Dave Ives is a Field Advisor and put together a few tips to ensure the process is easy and efficient:

  1. Ensure displays and receivers are updated with latest software version.
  2. Creating a setup file within your platform with fields, guidance tracks, boundaries, crops/varieties, fertilizers, pesticides and additives ahead of time will save time in the field.  Using these setup templates in all displays will ensure consistent information for all users.
  3. If you have WDT (wireless data transfer) capabilities, ensure your subscriptions have been paid to enable quick, effortless data upload.
  4. Make sure operators know the importance of collecting relevant clean data.  Saves time down the road cleaning and processing data.
  5. Data collection has to be a team effort, however delegate a person to manage and follow up with operators throughout the process.

Thanks for the great suggestions, Dave! Any questions about equipment management? Head to the Farm At Hand website or shoot us an email — [email protected]

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