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By farmathand

We all know that safety comes first. This is especially true in farming.

Agriculture is the third most hazardous industry of Canada based on the number of fatalities, most of which are machine-related. However, these injuries are preventable. Safety on farms is just as important as anywhere else and a few simple measures can go a long way to establish a safe environment.

Farm safety while spraying

If you haven’t already, you will start spraying soon. Ohio State University’s Agricultural Safety & Health Program shared a few things to consider when you are spraying:

  • Be sure to read all labels on pesticides and follow the safety precautions listed
  • Follow the proper application rates for the product being used and be sure to use the proper personal protective equipment for that product
  • Even though it may be hot outside, wear long sleeve shirts and long legged pants
  • Wear eye protection when mixing and using pesticides.
  • Take your time and don’t rush the job, it may take a little longer to do the job but it’s your health your protecting along with others

Looking to review or update your farm safety plan? There are a couple of grants to help you offset the cost:

  • FCC Ag Safety Fund – financial assistance for training agriculture operators and employees
  • Back To Ag Program – a new funding focused on supporting the cost of adaptive technology for ag workers that have experienced a traumatic injury.
More farm safety resources and (printable) checklist

Looking for other farm safety refreshers? Watch these short videos or check out the resources below.

Tractor Safety

Handling Crop Protection Product

More online resources and printable checklist/templates:

What safety measures do you put in place to ensure anybody working on or visiting the farm is safe? Share it with us and we’ll compile it for another post. Tweet @farmathand or send an email to [email protected]

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