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By farmathand

This one of a series of blogs where we explore how Farm At Hand is helping those enterprises farmers are increasingly relying and depending on to become more efficient and productive. Last week: Agronomists, next week: Growers Associations.

Grain Marketers,

Farm data – one small(- er) large step for grain marketers, one giant leap for farmkind.

Last week, we detailed how agronomists are spending more time serving their farmers and less time tracking down and managing their farmers field records.

Farm At Hand is more than just capturing field records however. Our farm management program gives your farmers the ability to manage their entire crop operation – storage, contracts, deliveries, equipment and much more. With storage, your farmers can trace every bushel from the bin yard or grain bag to the buyer and know on hand inventory with just a few clicks. That is the large step for you which we’ll detail more below.

The one giant leap for farmkind is the ability for farmers, with the help from you and Farm At Hand, to sell their crops (on hand inventory or futures) to buyers at the highest price. Farm At Hand is doing its part to make this a reality for farmers and grain consultants.

Farm Data Grain Consultants Can Use

You want your farmers to sell their crops at the best possible price, right? Farm At Hand gives your farmer the ability to do that via their smarphone (Apple, Android), tablet (Apple, Android) and computer.

When your farmer actively manages their storage with Farm At Hand, you both are able to get real time, accurate inventory levels – what has been contracted and delivered and what remains. Easy to use and built for farmers on the go, entering location, field, capacity and commodities for each bin yard or grain bag is a snap and can be done from a bouncy tractor cab. Finally, your farmers can say goodbye to mystery bins!

Equally important, your farmers can download and email you their storage reports. To get their “On Hand Produced Inventory” report, have your farmer follow these directions:

  • from the web app, select Summary
  • select Current
  • select Save & Proceed until you get to #3 “On Hand Produced Inventory” commodity view of storage with variety, grade, amount, fair market value and total price details.
  • if you need to edit, select the Edit Detail and make any adjustments
  • select Save & Proceed until you get to #5 “Review”
  • select Export and choose the format you want to download – CSV or PDF

Farmers – with Farm At Hand, you are in charge of your data and who you share it with. These reports are exactly what your market consultants needs to better serve you. It takes less than a minute to download and email the above data. That one minute will save you hours of future back and forth in phone calls or physical farm meetings and hopefully allow you to get the best market price for your crop. If you are not sending this to your grain marketer already, we encourage you to do so. As always, if you have questions or need help, email us at [email protected].

Next Steps

Farm At Hand is available anywhere at anytime, direct your farmers to their smartphone (Apple, Android), tablet (Apple, Android) or computer to sign up. If they have any questions or need help getting set-up, simply email us at [email protected].

Below are resources to help get your farmers up and running:

We want to hear from you! How can we make Farm At Hand better for you and your farmers? Follow us on Twitter @FarmAtHand or send us an email at [email protected].

Happy Farming!

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