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By farmathand

This one of a series of blogs where we explore how Farm At Hand is helping those enterprises farmers are increasingly relying and depending on to become more efficient and productive. Next up: Grain Market Consultants.


What we’re about to tell you will make your job more efficient – managing farm data can be easier and free, saving you and your farmers time and money. With Farm At Hand, you can concentrate on serving your farmers and not chasing down their farm data.

How much of your farmer’s farm data is captured using notebook, scrap paper or calendars?
Farm fact #448 – notebooks and calendars don’t share or play well with others and love getting lost and spilled on. The Farm At Hand team is on a mission to eliminate notebooks and calendars from farms.

How often are you on the phone tracking down data? Or physically visiting farms to gather this information?
Much of the farm data captured via Farm At Hand can be easily exported and emailed, eliminating unnecessary back and forth. It gets better! What if we told you all of your farmers data could be in one farm management program for free? Heck, a spreadsheet doesn’t give you that level of accessibility.

Our farm base is growing! There is a great chance one of your farmers is using Farm At Hand. This means the farm data you need to effectively serve your farmers and efficiently run your business is already available online, whenever you need it.


Farm Data Agronomists Can Use

No one wants to sit down and compile a report from a notebook or calendar after a brutally, long 16-hour day in the field. Farm At Hand gives your farmers the ability to input data as it happens via their smartphone (Apple, Android), tablet (Apple, Android) and computer. Below is just some of the field related data captured in real time with Farm At Hand:

Keep detailed field records, including dates and rates
Your farmers can track of all their field record details – planting, fertility application, spraying, harvest and everything in between. No more second guessing what was planted and sprayed yesterday, last week or last year!

Better understand trends and stop potential diseases and pests
Your farmers can scout and record weeds, diseases and pests in the field. When you aggregate the data, you will be able to see patterns and trends and prevent it from affecting #harvest16 and mindful of it for #plant17 and beyond.

How Can My Farmers Get Their Data?

The number one benefit of capturing farm data in one farm management platform is having the ability to print and/or export that data when your farmers need it. The following reports are currently available:

Field Report > A summary of fields, total area and location. This report can be used for crop insurance and helpful in onboarding new farmers to your service.

Spraying Report > A historical record of spray dates, pesticide details and rates. This report is critical in making recommendations on pest control and knowing when to scout. This report can also help confirm if your recommendations have been used or beneficial.

Planting Report > A historical record of the seeded acres including seeded acres and seed variety. This lookback report helps to predict scout, spray and harvest dates as well as make further recommendations and determine proper crop rotation.

Farmers – with Farm At Hand, you are in charge of your data and who you share it with. These reports are exactly what your agronomist needs to better serve you. It takes less than a minute to download and email any one of the above reports. That one minute will save you hours of future back and forth in phone calls and physical farm meetings. If you are not sending this to your agronomist already, we encourage you to do so. As always, if you have questions or need help, email us at [email protected]

To get these reports, from the web app, select Fields, select Export, then enter the dates you want to export for your Field, Spraying or Planting Report. Click here for a quick how-to video

Next Steps

Farm At Hand is available anywhere, direct your farmers to their smartphone (Apple, Android), tablet (Apple, Android or computer to sign up. If they have any questions or need help getting set-up, simply email us at [email protected].

Below are resources to help get your farmers up and running:

We want to hear from you! How can we make Farm At Hand better for you and your farmers? Follow us on Twitter @FarmAtHand or send us an email at [email protected].

Happy Farming!

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