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By Eric

Farm At Hand and Agrimatics are proud to announce they are working together to prepare farmers for the 2019 harvest season.

Using advanced technology, both companies will work in conjunction to automate the way farmers upload their Agrimatics information into Farm At Hand – bringing together some of the many tools farmers use every day. 

Farm At Hand is a farm management platform that was designed with the farmer in mind. It keeps track of important farm information, helps plan and organize key tasks and makes it easy to collaborate with family members and trusted advisors.

Agrimatics offers Libra Cart, a grain cart display and data management system. Libra Cart’s patent-pending technology automatically collects and stores data when grain carts are unloaded.

Farm At Hand and Agrimatics are teaming up to have a farmer’s Libra Cart information easily upload into their Farm At Hand account so the most current and up-to-date bin information is just a click away.

“We believe farm management software should be simple and make managing your farm easier,” says Farm At Hand VP Glen Kroeker. “This collaboration with Agrimatics will help farmers have all of their data and information in one easy-to-use place.”

“Agrimatics is dedicated to bringing state of the art software to the agricultural sector,” says Ian Meier, Co-Founder and CEO of Agrimatics. “We couldn’t be more pleased to be teaming up with Farm At Hand.”

Farm At Hand now seamlessly provides all of your Agrimatics harvest weight totals in-app. With a single button, users can connect to their Agrimatics Aero account and be better prepped for the 2019 harvest season.

About Agrimatics

Agrimatics is committed to providing the world’s best electronics and software products to the agricultural sector. Their tablet and smartphone-based approach is changing the industry.

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