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By farmathand

Today we changed things up a little! We put your Farm At Hand dashboard to work for you. There is certain information that you need at a glance; now we put that front and center on the brand spanking new dashboard. This is a snapshot of your current operation.


Every day you make a number of decisions for your business. We want to help you by providing the data you need to get the best outcome. You don’t need to dig deeper into the program to find the numbers you need to say yes or no to that daily bid call or text. It’s right there in front of you.

Once you log in to your Farm At Hand web application, you will see Planting Status and Commodity Status right away. Just to note, these statuses are only available to those users who have Owner-level permission.

Planting Status:
The planting status provides you with a snapshot of which commodity, variety and how many acres your farm has been planted with. This will help you predict your yields to make those new crop contracts and more importantly, it helps you monitor progress during planting.

Commodity Status: The commodity status provides you a snapshot of the total amount of commodity and variety you have on hand and under contract . No matter where you are, you will know of the exact commodities you have in your storage and what is already sold.

How the new dashboard can help your operations:

  • Easy access to information in order to make sales decision
  • Better system to track the progress of your farm during planting
  • Know how much commodity you have on hand and under contract

Go ahead, give it a try now. Let us know if you have any questions!

Note: web application and Android only – coming soon to iOS; You can only see these statuses if you are the owner of your farm.

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