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By Sabrina Carnevale

Connect your Farm At Hand account to Hummingbird! 

Farm At Hand partnered with Hummingbird Technologies to make their imagery solutions available in Canada — and now, it’s even easier to access your field insights!

You can now connect your Farm At Hand and Hummingbird accounts in Canada! Import your Farm At Hand field location and crop information directly into your Hummingbird account — saving you time and hassle — so you can quickly get started on retrieving crop analytics to fill in-season agronomic activity. 

With Hummingbird, get your very own team of eyes-in-the-sky to support your boots on the ground.

  • ● Monitor your fields with leading-edge imagery technologies

  • ● Access a benchmarking tool that allows you to compare a field’s performance against other fields, optimizing time and ability to focus on lower performing fields

  • ● Uncover hidden field patterns to help detect areas of your field affected by disease, pests and weeds

  • ● Collaborate with your team and agronomists in real-time

Connecting is easy! Questions about how Hummingbird can connect to your farm? Reach out to our support team [email protected] or call 1-855-209-7723.

Visit Hummingbird’s website to learn more.

*currently applies to one-time import of your Farm At Hand information

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