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By Emily Enns

We’ve got big news!

Farm At Hand is excited to announce we’re joining the TELUS family. Having the support of TELUS opens opportunities and empowers us to help make farm management easier for you – the farmer.

But why TELUS, you might ask? TELUS is making a commitment to help the industry that our food system is built on. They aren’t just a telecom company – they know technology and how to bring solutions together in new ways, making things easier while leveraging the power of information.

It’s a natural fit. Our goal is to simplify complicated tools to be user-friendly and match how you plan, work and keep track of what’s happening on your farm. As part of the TELUS family, we’ll be able to take our mission further by making Farm At Hand the hub that links together leading-edge software and IoT devices. We’ll be better able to alert you to key changes, and offer advanced tools and information – a way of keeping track of everything in one central platform.

Nothing is changing right now; you’ll still have access to the tools you rely on. One of the things that we love about TELUS is their approach to data transparency and privacy. They too believe farmers should own their information and be empowered to choose who they share it with.

We’re excited to be building a tech-friendly future for farmers. If you have any questions please reach out to [email protected].

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