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By Sabrina Carnevale

There’s time for that…

A common phrase. Especially in the agronomy world — the craziness of seeding, spraying, insects, disease, scouting. Most seasons there’s barely time to catch your breath. Unfortunately, we can’t create more time, so we have to figure out how to use time wisely and efficiently.

Cue Farm at Hand Agronomy! A lightweight, easy-to-use app that allows you to be more efficient. Farm At Hand Agronomy’s efficiency is driven by Crop Planner. Agronomists can spend time in the off season (a-ha, we have some now!) planning with your producers. From big picture discussions on what to grow right down to field level details about specific weed problems and fertility issues unique to each quarter, the plan results in a playbook ready to act on.

Most of you know your clients’ fields, and aside from something unexpected happening, or an insect outbreak, you can plan the fields with a high degree of certainty about what is going to happen.

Then, by getting a more efficient agronomist, your scouting in season becomes simple. Take Farm at Hand’s scouting app with you, check what you see against your plan, and 90% of the time, your scouting report will simply say – do what we planned. A couple of clicks from the field and the report is sent to your client. And on your way to your next field! With time to spare.

Any questions about Farm At Hand Agronomy? Contact our FAH Agronomy guru Chris Corbett at [email protected]

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