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By farmathand

Farm At Hand was originally built as an in-house solution for our co-founder’s family farm in Saskatchewan, Canada that grows grains and cash crops. Today, the farm management app you have in your smartphone is an improved version of what we started out with plus the flexibility you need to customize your farm. We recently launched new features, check it out here.

We list over 35 commodity types in our farm management software so you can easily manage your entire crop operation. If you do not see your crop, don’t worry. You can enter it by following these simple steps:

  • Go to and login to your account
  • Click Welcome, [your name] on the top right hand side
  • Select Farm Settings
  • Under Commodity, click Add Commodity
  • Enter your commodity name
  • Enter the bushel to metric tonne conversion ratio for the commodity
  • Click Create Commodity

alt Farm At Hand New Commodity

Easy peasy! Now you can start managing all your commodities using Farm At Hand.

Questions or comments? Let us know here or tweet us @farmathand.

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